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Killer Chest Workout

I got bored with the whole 3 sets of 10 one day and decided to do 4 sets of 11 instead. The result was a killer game changing chest workout.If you’re trying to change things up this workout is for you.

It’s pretty straightforward do 4 sets of up to 11 reps for each exercise. Don’t worry about the numbers, it’s the gym, not math class. Meaning, if you only do 8 reps, that’s completely fine, as long as you are pushing yourself. If you are hitting  11 reps on all 4 sets, you need to add more weight!

For flat bench and dumbbell incline, I threw some options in there. You get to choose your sets for those exercises, 4x11, go heavy with a  5x5, or my personal favorite the reverse pyramid:10,8,6,4,4,6,8,Burn Out. For the pyramid just try and add weight going down and pull weight off on the way back up. As I mentioned earlier pyramids are my favorite, because they completely destroy you. However, I would not recommend them for beginners.

Regardless, that’s the workout give it a shot and let me know what you think. Good Luck!

Killer Chest Workout

1. Flat Bench 4x11/5x5/Pyramid

2. Chest Flys 3x15

3. Dumbell Incline 4x11/5x5/Pyramid

4. Dips 4x11

5. Tricep Pulldowns 4x11

6. Tricep Extensions 4x11

7. Perfect Form Push-ups 4x11

8. Crunches 4x25

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