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Finally found my protein. One of the greatest protein supplements on the market! No gritty taste or bland flavor. Cinnamon swirl taste almost as amazing as grandmas homemade cinnamon buns on a Sunday morning. Will continue to buy the whey protein blends!

Tyler B

Taste is great! This new product is amazing... the taste and performance I’ve gained over the past few weeks is unmatched. I look forward to the future products and will continue to support.

Todd Clark

This gave me a feeling similar to the original jackd 3D, it kicked in while I was walking to the gym, think I heard a voice...I instantly wanted to kick puppy’s and punch babies. The workout was good. Once I got home and the thirst to take over a small country subsidied it was alll good. The taste was good, better then most pre’s. This is going to change your life... or maybe just your workout.

Richard Taylor